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TACTIX Self Retracting Utility Knife

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1 piece of TACTIX Self Retracting Utility Knife
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TACTIX Self Retracting Utility Knife is a durable and convenient tool designed for various cutting tasks. Here are the key features of this utility knife:

Zinc Alloy Handle: The utility knife features a sturdy handle made of zinc alloy. This material provides strength and durability, ensuring that the knife can withstand regular use in different environments.

Self-Retracting Blade: The utility knife is equipped with a self-retracting blade mechanism. This means that as soon as you release pressure from the blade, it will automatically retract into the handle for added safety. This feature helps prevent accidental cuts or injuries when the knife is not in use.

1 SK5 Blade Included: The utility knife comes with one SK5 blade included in the package. SK5 is a high-quality steel known for its sharpness and durability, making it suitable for various cutting tasks. The included blade ensures that you have a reliable cutting edge ready for use.

The TACTIX Self-Retracting Utility Knife is a practical and user-friendly tool that prioritizes safety. With its self-retracting blade mechanism and durable zinc alloy handle, this utility knife offers convenience and peace of mind during cutting tasks.

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